ECHO 鴻運扇



憑藉3種高性能速度,堅固的設計和結構以及節能運行,這款風扇將全年保持涼爽舒適。 360度旋轉為您將涼風引導到您需要的地方。

ECHO 14吋鴻運扇

Echo 14吋鴻運扇的設計特別強調舒適性! 這款獨特的風扇比其他風扇噪音低了25%,在安靜地同時為個人或整個房間帶來清涼舒適。 這款風扇提供3種速度,可在40英尺以外感受到,為您提供最大的舒適度。

  • 3種速度可供選擇
  • 引導氣流和循環
  • 內置提手
  • 60分鐘計時器
  • 無需安裝

Great fan for sleeping!


If you’re searching for the perfect fan that moves air and provides the white noise of a whirring fan without the obnoxious hum of a motor look no further! I’ve slept like a baby since buying this.

A life-saver on those hot, muggy days


You just take it out of the box, plug it in and turn it to one or the three speeds. It circulates air so well that we don’t need an air conditioner in the TV room. Love it!

Very quiet on low but still delivers good airflow


Really very quiet on low. No distraction during TV or conversations at all. Very pleased.


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